Irwan Effendi - Team Leader

I started the busines in 2004 with a team of two consultants and one assistant. Today there are six of us, with four on active duty and two reserves ready on call.

Our motto today is simple: changing the future, one step at a time

This is based on our years of experience, in which each time there is drastic change, the loss incurred is usually too great to be considered acceptable. For example, a simple act of revamping a website can very well ended up as a disaster if the new version is designed to have too many new features and the client is not ready with the resource to handle client interaction. This can cause the client to lose old clients instead of gaining new ones as expected.

For this reason, we always advise our client to implement their ideas step by step, by defining milestones that can be completed within a relatively short period and ensure that any changes caused is well within their ability to manage it.

Our team gathering place is currently located in:

Bioenergy Solution Center (the name of my research business)
Jl Tongkol No 1 A RT001/005
Kelurahan Jati
Kecamatan Pulogadung
Jakarta Timur 13220
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