Web Development

One thing we can tell you for certain about the world of web development is the fact that it is everchanging real fast. What was the trend last year could become obsolete old news today and thus developing web sites that takes more than 3 months only for the initial phase, is really a bad idea. In other words, never ever start with big ideas, always start small, make it work, then build up and modify whenever necessary.

If you only need a profile website, with little to no interactive features, always go for a compact and lightweight design and do not use database. Why? Because without database, there will be less security issues. In fact if it is possible to build your site purely using HTML / XML, then that is the way to go, because no one can hack a website that is build entirely of HTML. Should a hacker still insists on hacking such a site, the only way is to hack the server service such as cPanel, and that is an entirely different matter.

Another thing that you should consider is the fact that the majority of web visitors are now using mobile browser instead of desktop browser, therefore it is highly advisable that you do not squeeze too much information into any single page. If you want to show picture, make sure that whatever message you want to convey through that picture is still clearly visible and recognizable when viewed using the common 6-7 inch screen of a smartphone

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